Saturday, December 17, 2016

Compilation of value links from around the web: December Edition

Below is a compilation of the most interesting reading I've come across in the past few months:

Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway

A dozen things Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger learned from See's Candies: 25IQ 
Warren Buffett's early investments: Latticework 
GEICO: The “Growth Company” that made the “Value Investing” careers of both Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett: Wedgewood Partners 
Warren Buffett turns out to be more prescient about stocks than politics: Fortune 
Bill Gates on Warren, Bridge, Business Analysis and Tennis: Hurricane Capital
Yahoo Finance to Live Stream Buffett, Pickens, Soros at the 2016 Concordia Summit: Yahoo Finance
Graham and Doddsville Fall 2016 Issue: Columbia Business School
The story of the self destruction of Deutsche Bank: Spiegel 
Jeff Bezos interview with Charlie Rose: Valueinvestingworld
Jeff Bezos shares his management style and philosophy: Youtube
What Does Nevada’s $35 Billion Fund Manager Do All Day? Nothing: WSJ
Warren Buffett said this Jamie Dimon interview was off the charts: Yahoo Finance
Berkshire Hathaway BNSF railroad purchase shines bright in hindsight: Bloomberg 
Warren Buffett's Berkshire makes surprise U.S. airline bet: Reuters 
Buffett's three categories of return on capital: Base Hit Investing 
How to invest like Warren Buffett hero Phil Carret: Telegraph 
Ted Weschler likes Apple's subscription element: Valuewalk 
JP Morgan Chase names Todd Combs to board of directors: Bloomberg 
University of Maryland meeting with Warren Buffett: David Kass 
Playbook interview with Warren Buffett: Politico
What Warren Buffett likes about cash: Barrons
WSJ article on Buffett from 1977: WSJ
Alice Shroeder's 1999 sell side report on Berkshire Hathaway: Dropbox 
Big Problems Big Thinkers Episode 3: The Values Crisis: Bloomberg
One on One with Warren Buffett after the election: Youtube
BRK Shareholders Panel (Part 1): "Why did you buy Berkshire Hathaway stock?": Youtube
Berkshire Hathaway Symposium Panel 2: Youtube
Lawrence Cunningham: Keynote Address at the Berkshire Hathaway 50th Anniversary Symposium: Youtube
Ted Weschler makes his mark: Institutional Investor
Warren Buffett and Ajit Jain launching Berkshire Insurance: Youtube 

Guy Spier and Mohnish Pabrai

Interview with Guy Spier Part 1Part 2
Charlie Munger told Mohnish Pabrai an investor only needs to do three things: Acquire's Multiple 
Mohnish Pabrai's new blog: Know72 
Mohnish Pabrai Lecture at Peking University: Youtube
Mohnish Pabrai's hedge fund interview guide: Sumzero
Why Mohnish Pabrai likes GM, Fiat, and Southwest: Barrons 

Bill Gates

Bill Gates book recommendation - The Gene: Gates Notes 
Bill Gates: A Perfume that Smells Like Poop?: Gates Notes
Why I love this cutting edge school design: Gates Notes 
Bill Gates on clean energy, Trump, and stocks: CNBC
Bill Gates addressing India's top policymakers: Youtube
Bill Gates favorite books of 2016: Gatesnotes 

Great Investors: 

David Einhorn's Q3 letter: Valuewalk 
James Chanos and Kyle Bass speak with Bethany McLean at Vanity Fair's New Establishment Summit on the global economy and stock markets: Vanity Fair
Oaktree's Howard Marks on his investment process: Bloomberg 
The Legacy of Benjamin Graham: Youtube
Baupost Group's Seth Klarman "It's a great time to be a value investor": 2009 Outstanding Investor Digest
Seth Klarman at the Ivey Business School in 2009: Youtube
Capitalize for Kids Conference notes: Marketfolly
Five lessons from Peter Lynch: Latticework


John Stumpf on Mad Money: Youtube 
Jamie Dimon interview: CNBC
How Wells Fargo dressed up earnings: Barrons
Brian Moynihan on Charlie Rose: Charlie Rose


Jim Chanos on the Trump election and stocks: Bloomberg
My good friend Shaurya Gupta's essay on value investing: Genzvalueinvestor
Don't confused cheap with value: Broyhill Asset Management 
Harvard's endowment called lazy, fat and stupid: Bloomberg 
The President in conversation with MIT's ITO and WIRED's Scott Dadich: WIRED 
Elon Musk: Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species: Youtube
How to Raise a Genius: Lessons from a 45-Year Study of Super Smart Children: Scientific American
The activist playbook is nearly 90 years old — and the first chapter was written by Warren Buffett's mentor: Business Insider
500 years of bubbles panics and manias: Valuewalk 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Compilation of value links from around the web: August Edition

Below is a compilation of the most interesting reading I've come across in the past few months:

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger:

China’s BYD looks to double electric vehicle sales: CNBC

Buffett on oil, interest rates, and the economy: CNBC
Warren Buffett’s 1998 talk at the University of Florida: BaseHitInvesting
Warren Buffett: Modern deficits don't matter: Fox Business
16 minute intervew with Charlie Munger: Yahoo Finance
Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting replay: Yahoo Finance
Forbes compilation on Warren Buffett articles: Forbes

Buffett, Gates and Munger on CNBC:
Highlights from Omaha (LINK)
Bill Gates: Impact of low rates (LINK)
Bill Gates on the next path to normal (LINK)
Europe's woes affecting our monetary policy: Buffett (LINK)
Munger, Gates on future of AI (LINK)
Buffett on driverless cars (LINK
Buffett on Puerto Rico's debt crisis (LINK)
Bill Gates on pensions (LINK)
'Idiots of each party' in control: Charlie Munger (LINK)
Valeant was robbing our hospitals: Charlie Munger (LINK)
Bill Gates on encryption battle (LINK)
Fixing the tax code (LINK)
Buffett on streaming Berkshire's meeting (LINK)
Buffett on currencies, rates and financials (LINK)
Buffett on economic recovery (LINK)
Buffett on jobs picture, GDP and oil (LINK)
Buffett on American Express and buybacks (LINK)
Why voters are mad: Buffett (LINK)
Valeant's drug-pricing charge: Buffett (LINK)
I drink Coca-Cola and I'm happy: Buffett (LINK)
Buffett: Hedge funds in focus (LINK)
Jeff Bezos has 'changed the world' in a big way: Buffett (LINK)
Wal-Mart under a lot of pressure: Buffett (LINK)
Buffett on Brexit (LINK)
No surprise Baker Hughes, Halliburton deal fell through: Buffett (LINK)
Buffett on slow global growth (LINK)
Buffett on Big Blue, Yahoo and trade (LINK)
Charlie Munger's recommended reading list: Marketfolly 
How Warren Buffett's son would feed the world: The Atlantic
Buffett: Guidance can lead to malpractice: CNBC
Berkshire Hathaway 2016 Annual Shareholders Meeting replay video (LINK) [The Q&A starts around the 42:00 mark.]
16-minute Yahoo! Finance video with Charlie Munger (LINK)
Max Olson compiles the Blue Chip Stamps letters: Max Olson
How did Buffet do in 1974 when the market was down 26%?: ValueWalk
Warren Buffett's investment in Dempster Mill: ValueWalk

Bill Gates:

Bill Gates summer reading list: Gates Notes

Bill and Melinda Gates at the Code Conference: Youtube
Bill Gates talk at the Nelson Mandela Center: Facebook
Bill and Melinda Gates at the Recode Conference: Recode


Graham and Doodsville Spring 2016 newsletter: Columbia

Jeremy Grantham - GMO Q2 2016 letter: GMO
Spring 2016 Issue of the Graham and Dodd Newsletter: Graham and Doddsville
William Thorndike talk at Google: Marketfolly
William Green's talk at Google: Lessons from the great minds of investing: Youtube
Larry Cunningham's Museum of American Finance videos:
Part 1: What Will Happen to Berkshire After Buffett?
Part 2: The Beauty of the Berkshire Model
Part 3: The Blemishes of the Berkshire Model
Part 4: Audience Q&A Session 1
Part 5: Audience Q&A Session 2
SALT Conference notes: Market Folly
Latticework of mental models - pari mutuel system: Safal Niveshak
Jeff Bezos want to see an entreprenurial explosion in space: Washington Post
The remarkeable Iscar story: Rational Walk
Latticework of mental models - winners curse: Safal Niveshak
Jim Rogers interviews Jorge Paulo Lemann at the Brazil Conference 2016: Youtube
12 things Lee Kuan Yew taught me about the world: Farnam Street
Elon Musk at the Code Conference: Facebook
Google Fiber is the most audacious part of ALPHABET: Recode
2016 Internet Trends Presentation by Mary Meeker: Recode
London Value Investor Conference Presentations: Marketfolly
Joe Rosenfield and the Grinnell College endowment: GivernyCapital
Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the Code Conference: Youtube
Mohnish Pabrai lecture at UCI: Youtube
Howard Marks: 5 years ago I turned bearish on credit: Bloomberg
Jeremy Grantham commentary on immiration and Brexit: GMO
Ted Weschler makes his mark at Berkshire: Insitutional Investor
Ted Weschler - The recipie for financial success: Businessinsider

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Compilation of value links from around the web: April Edition

Below is a compilation of the most interesting reading I've come across in the past few months:

Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway:

Charlie Munger on the cost of capital: Damm Right 
Daily Journal Annual Meeting Notes: ValueWalk
Ron Olson on Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett: Outlook Business
Warren Buffett arrives in Europe in search of quality companies: Larry Cunningham
Yahoo to livestream the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting: CNBC
Highlights of Buffett's letter to shareholders: David Kass Blog
Warren Buffett says don't piggy back my trades: Marketwatch
Berkshire Hathaway Energy and its use of tax breaks: Bloomberg
Berkshire Hathaway is safe and cheap: Basehitinvesting
Larry Cunningham on BRK's Disintermediation: Buffett's New Managerial Model: Slidshare
Mistakes and Buffett's original Berkshire Purchase: Base Hit Investing
Larry Cunningham on Berkshire's Future: Value Walk
The Munger Operating System: Farnam Street Blog

Warren Buffett on CNBC Monday February 29th: 

Transcript of Buffett on CNBC: CNBC

Mohnish Pabrai:

Mohnish Pabrai on bubbles: Youtube
Dhandho Junoon ETF launches: Businesswire

Bill Gates: 

Bill Gates on books and blogging: NY Times
Bill Gates on BBC: BBC
Bill and Melinda Gates 2015 Letter: Gates Notes

Other reading

The ten commandments of superforcasters: Farnam Street Blog
Wilbur Ross on energy bonds: Value Walk
An interview with Bruce Flatt: Bloomberg
How Baupost did in 2015: Busines Insider
An interview with Petra Capital: Great Investors TV
GMO Q4 2015 Letter: GMO
An Interview of the MIT investment team: Fundooprofessor
Success secrets of the Kardashians: Private Investment Brief
How Macquarie sold a hollow shell company to investors: AFR
Wally Weitz reveals early Valeant red flag: Value Walk
A conversation with Nate Silver: Medium
An Interview with Jamie Dimon: Bloomberg
Ray Dalio on the Economy: Bloomberg
Jeff Ubben interview on CNBC: CNBC
Ackman's Valeant bet keeps getting worse: Bloomberg
The best predictor of election outcomes: Electionbettingodds
Michael Mauboussin on market inefficiencies: Latticework
Peter Thiel on China, Technology and Innovation: Bloomberg
A Roadmap of a world without cars: Medium

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Invitation to the 2016 Yellow BRKers Party at the Berkshire Annual Meeting

Dear readers,

You are invited to an event I host every year during the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting weekend.

The Yellow BRKers will be held Friday, April 29th, 2016 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Omaha, starting at 4:00 pm and you can linger until 7:00 pm. There will be a short program at approximately 5:30.

Yellow BRKers 2016 details:

The 2016 event will be held at the same time and location as in prior years.

Friday April 29th  from 4PM to 7PM

DoubleTree by Hilton Omaha Downtown
1616 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68102

You can find more information and register in advance here:

$10 will be collected at the door to defray the costs of putting on this event.

I look forward to seeing many of you here again this year!

Alex Bossert

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Compilation of Value Links From Around the Web: February Edition

Below is a compilation of the most interesting reading I've come across in the past few months: 

Warren Buffett and Berkshire:

A Survey of Berkshire Hathaway Operating Managers: Stanford
How Warren Buffett Got Rich: Business Insider
Warren Buffett interviewed by Yahoo Finance – thoughts on education, deficits, China etc: Yahoo Finance
Warren Buffett takes 8% stake in Seritage: WSJ
Warren Buffett shares his widom with business school classes: IT Business
Warren Buffett’s grandson seeks his own route to social change: New York Times
Howard Buffett is getting his hands dirty: Bloomberg

Bill and Melinda Gates:

Bill Gates – The 25 best books I read in 2015: Gates Notes
How Melinda Gates became the most powerful advocate for women and girls: Forbes

Charlie Munger:

How did Charlie Munger deal with adversity: 25IQ
Charlie Munger on Valeant: WSJ


Thoughts from Seth Klarman in Baupost’s letter to investors: Yahoo Finance
Larry Page at the Fortune Global Forum: Fortune
Peter Thiel at the DealBook Conference: Youtube
Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs at the Dealbook conference: Youtube
Sell side report on Enron just before bankruptcy in 2011 (strong buy): Enron
Wells Fargo and the incredible predictability of deposit growth: Base Hit Investing
The unbelievable power of Amazon’s cloud: The Atlantic
General Motors is here to Stay: Barrons
CFA Society of Switzerland – Guy Spier, Vitaliy Katsenelson: Youtube
Invest For Kids Chicago – John Burbank, David Samra, Sam Zell etc: Marketfolly
Guy Spier on how lunch with Warren Buffett changed his life: The Observer
David Einhorn on why widely followed stocks get mispriced: Basehitinvesting
GMO quarterly letter – “Just How Bad is it?”: GMO
The top ten interviews by the Manual of Ideas: Manual of Ideas
Ira Sohn London Conference Notes: Marketfolly
Wilbur Ross on energy and high yield: ValueWalk
Howard Marks on oil: CNBC
ValueX book recommendations: Linkedin
Interview with Michael Burry: NY Magazine