Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Compilation of Value Links From Around the Web: February Edition

Below is a compilation of the most interesting reading I've come across in the past few months: 

Warren Buffett and Berkshire:

A Survey of Berkshire Hathaway Operating Managers: Stanford
How Warren Buffett Got Rich: Business Insider
Warren Buffett interviewed by Yahoo Finance – thoughts on education, deficits, China etc: Yahoo Finance
Warren Buffett takes 8% stake in Seritage: WSJ
Warren Buffett shares his widom with business school classes: IT Business
Warren Buffett’s grandson seeks his own route to social change: New York Times
Howard Buffett is getting his hands dirty: Bloomberg

Bill and Melinda Gates:

Bill Gates – The 25 best books I read in 2015: Gates Notes
How Melinda Gates became the most powerful advocate for women and girls: Forbes

Charlie Munger:

How did Charlie Munger deal with adversity: 25IQ
Charlie Munger on Valeant: WSJ


Thoughts from Seth Klarman in Baupost’s letter to investors: Yahoo Finance
Larry Page at the Fortune Global Forum: Fortune
Peter Thiel at the DealBook Conference: Youtube
Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs at the Dealbook conference: Youtube
Sell side report on Enron just before bankruptcy in 2011 (strong buy): Enron
Wells Fargo and the incredible predictability of deposit growth: Base Hit Investing
The unbelievable power of Amazon’s cloud: The Atlantic
General Motors is here to Stay: Barrons
CFA Society of Switzerland – Guy Spier, Vitaliy Katsenelson: Youtube
Invest For Kids Chicago – John Burbank, David Samra, Sam Zell etc: Marketfolly
Guy Spier on how lunch with Warren Buffett changed his life: The Observer
David Einhorn on why widely followed stocks get mispriced: Basehitinvesting
GMO quarterly letter – “Just How Bad is it?”: GMO
The top ten interviews by the Manual of Ideas: Manual of Ideas
Ira Sohn London Conference Notes: Marketfolly
Wilbur Ross on energy and high yield: ValueWalk
Howard Marks on oil: CNBC
ValueX book recommendations: Linkedin
Interview with Michael Burry: NY Magazine