Saturday, August 20, 2016

Compilation of value links from around the web: August Edition

Below is a compilation of the most interesting reading I've come across in the past few months:

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger:

China’s BYD looks to double electric vehicle sales: CNBC

Buffett on oil, interest rates, and the economy: CNBC
Warren Buffett’s 1998 talk at the University of Florida: BaseHitInvesting
Warren Buffett: Modern deficits don't matter: Fox Business
16 minute intervew with Charlie Munger: Yahoo Finance
Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting replay: Yahoo Finance
Forbes compilation on Warren Buffett articles: Forbes

Buffett, Gates and Munger on CNBC:
Highlights from Omaha (LINK)
Bill Gates: Impact of low rates (LINK)
Bill Gates on the next path to normal (LINK)
Europe's woes affecting our monetary policy: Buffett (LINK)
Munger, Gates on future of AI (LINK)
Buffett on driverless cars (LINK
Buffett on Puerto Rico's debt crisis (LINK)
Bill Gates on pensions (LINK)
'Idiots of each party' in control: Charlie Munger (LINK)
Valeant was robbing our hospitals: Charlie Munger (LINK)
Bill Gates on encryption battle (LINK)
Fixing the tax code (LINK)
Buffett on streaming Berkshire's meeting (LINK)
Buffett on currencies, rates and financials (LINK)
Buffett on economic recovery (LINK)
Buffett on jobs picture, GDP and oil (LINK)
Buffett on American Express and buybacks (LINK)
Why voters are mad: Buffett (LINK)
Valeant's drug-pricing charge: Buffett (LINK)
I drink Coca-Cola and I'm happy: Buffett (LINK)
Buffett: Hedge funds in focus (LINK)
Jeff Bezos has 'changed the world' in a big way: Buffett (LINK)
Wal-Mart under a lot of pressure: Buffett (LINK)
Buffett on Brexit (LINK)
No surprise Baker Hughes, Halliburton deal fell through: Buffett (LINK)
Buffett on slow global growth (LINK)
Buffett on Big Blue, Yahoo and trade (LINK)
Charlie Munger's recommended reading list: Marketfolly 
How Warren Buffett's son would feed the world: The Atlantic
Buffett: Guidance can lead to malpractice: CNBC
Berkshire Hathaway 2016 Annual Shareholders Meeting replay video (LINK) [The Q&A starts around the 42:00 mark.]
16-minute Yahoo! Finance video with Charlie Munger (LINK)
Max Olson compiles the Blue Chip Stamps letters: Max Olson
How did Buffet do in 1974 when the market was down 26%?: ValueWalk
Warren Buffett's investment in Dempster Mill: ValueWalk

Bill Gates:

Bill Gates summer reading list: Gates Notes

Bill and Melinda Gates at the Code Conference: Youtube
Bill Gates talk at the Nelson Mandela Center: Facebook
Bill and Melinda Gates at the Recode Conference: Recode


Graham and Doodsville Spring 2016 newsletter: Columbia

Jeremy Grantham - GMO Q2 2016 letter: GMO
Spring 2016 Issue of the Graham and Dodd Newsletter: Graham and Doddsville
William Thorndike talk at Google: Marketfolly
William Green's talk at Google: Lessons from the great minds of investing: Youtube
Larry Cunningham's Museum of American Finance videos:
Part 1: What Will Happen to Berkshire After Buffett?
Part 2: The Beauty of the Berkshire Model
Part 3: The Blemishes of the Berkshire Model
Part 4: Audience Q&A Session 1
Part 5: Audience Q&A Session 2
SALT Conference notes: Market Folly
Latticework of mental models - pari mutuel system: Safal Niveshak
Jeff Bezos want to see an entreprenurial explosion in space: Washington Post
The remarkeable Iscar story: Rational Walk
Latticework of mental models - winners curse: Safal Niveshak
Jim Rogers interviews Jorge Paulo Lemann at the Brazil Conference 2016: Youtube
12 things Lee Kuan Yew taught me about the world: Farnam Street
Elon Musk at the Code Conference: Facebook
Google Fiber is the most audacious part of ALPHABET: Recode
2016 Internet Trends Presentation by Mary Meeker: Recode
London Value Investor Conference Presentations: Marketfolly
Joe Rosenfield and the Grinnell College endowment: GivernyCapital
Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the Code Conference: Youtube
Mohnish Pabrai lecture at UCI: Youtube
Howard Marks: 5 years ago I turned bearish on credit: Bloomberg
Jeremy Grantham commentary on immiration and Brexit: GMO
Ted Weschler makes his mark at Berkshire: Insitutional Investor
Ted Weschler - The recipie for financial success: Businessinsider