Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February Compilation of Value Links From Around the Web

Here is my compilation of the most interesting topics from around the web.

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Wilbur Ross “Why I’m ready to invest more in Europe.” CNBC
Wilbur Ross on Oil: CNBC
Five Good Questions with Mohnish Pabrai and Guy Spier: Part1, Part2
Demographics of India are Promising For the Future – Mohnish Pabrai: Bloomberg India and Part 2
Mohnish Pabrai's December 2014 talk to Sanjay Bakshi's MDI class: Value Investing World
Bill Gates’s Big Bet on Reducing Poverty: Bloomberg
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Annual Letter: Gates Notes
Bill and Melinda Gates discuss their foundation's work to improve global healthcare and combat poverty: Charlie Rose
Greenlight Capital’s Q4 letter: Marketfolly
Longleaf Partners Q4 Letter: Longleaf
Bruce Berkowitz on Sears: Valuewalk
Bank of America B warrants (hint – I own BAC/WS/A in my portfolio. Not the B warrants): Beyond Proxy
Klarman: What I’ve learned from Warren Buffett: CNBC
Atul Gawande: The Building Industry’s Strategy for Getting Things Right in Complexity: Farnam Street
Bill Gates at Davos 2015 – Sustainable Development A Vision for the Future: Value Investing World
Highlights of Warren Buffett Interview on Fox Business: David Kass
GMO 4th Quarter letter: GMO
Inside Google’s Secret Lab: Graham and Doddsville