Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Weekly Compilation of Value Links - December 31st

Here is my weekly compilation of the most interesting topics from around the web.

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Guy Spier on Investing and Life: Marketfolly
Five questions for Pabrai and Spier: Fivegoodquestions
2014 Pabrai Funds Notes: Bitsbusiness
Mohnish Pabrai talk at Boston College: Youtube
Mohnish Pabrai Barrons interview on Bank of America, Citi, Google and Hyundai: Barrons
Mohnish Pabrai at the Economic News of India: Economic Times
Q&A with Warren Buffett at the Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit: Youtube
Berkshire Hathaway acquires Charter Brokerage: Yahoo Finance
Susan Decker on what its like to be on Berkshire’s board: Bizjournals
What Tom Murphy taught Warren Buffett: Quartz
Charlie Munger 2008 Caltech lecture: Youtube
Howard Marks on Investing in Russia: Bloomberg
Howard Marks memo : The Lessons of Oil: OakTree
NYSSA interviews William Thorndike of The Outsiders: Youtube
Larry Cunningham: Berkshire and Buffett Today: Culture, Control, and the Duracell Deal: Beyondproxy
Value Investor Insight interview with Keith Trauner and Larry Pitkowski: Value Investor Insight
“Dream, People, Culture”: Carlos Brito, CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev: Value Investing World
Discussion of Henry Singelton’s business success: Seeking Alpha
Leon Cooperman presenting on the strategies of Henry Singelton: NYSSA
Henry Singleton in Forbes magazine 1979: Forbes
Joel Greenblatt on Wealthtrack: Youtube
Graham-Newman Letters to partners 1946-1958: RBCPA
Warren Buffett’s 2014 letter to Berkshire’s top managers: WSJ