Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fully Translated: Li Lu's Foreword to Poor Charlie's Almanack

Li Lu has been named as a possible successor to Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger as Berkshire Hathaway's CIO position.

Here is some brief history:

He was a student leader of the Tienanmen Square protests in 1989. He then fled to the United States because he was named one of the most wanted people in China.

After moving the the US, he became one of the first student to triple major a Columbia University getting a degree in economics, law and an MBA simultaneously.

In 1997 Li Lu started Himalaya Capital. From the inception of the fund in January 1998, the fund returned an annual compound growth rate in excess of 29%. In 12 years, the capital grew more than 20 fold.

Could Li Lu be the next CIO of Berkshire Hathaway?

Li Lu and Charlie Munger are good friends

Charlie Munger is an investor in Li Lu's investment firm

He convinced Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett to buy 10% of BYD. Click here for those unfamiliar with Berkshire's purchase of BYD

Li Lu is the only investment manager that Buffett and Munger have praised in the past few decades

Himalaya Capital has an office in the same building as Charlie Munger

Charlie Munger made a comment at the annual meeting about one of the four CIO candidates being up 200% in 2009 with no leverage. Based on Li Lu's holdings (his returns aren't public), his firm fits this criteria.


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Finally, in May 2010, Li Lu helped to translate and wrote the forward for the Chinese version of Charlie Munger's book “Poor Charlie’s Almanack."