Friday, May 7, 2010

Berkshire Hathaway and Wesco Financial Annual Meeting Compilation

I included videos, transcript notes and just a few articles of commentary, in this compilation. There were hundreds of articles published on the Berkshire Hathaway Annual meeting and most just comment on what Buffett and Munger said in the meeting. I think it’s much more worthwhile to just read the transcripts and skip the analysis by journalists. I tried to include only links that are worth your time to read or watch. This is only a fraction of the information published on the annual meetings.

Wesco Annual Meeting Notes:

From the Motley Fool

The best meeting notes from

Berkshire Annual Meeting Notes:

The notes I posted on Tuesday and by far the best notes from the 2010 annual meeting.

More annual meeting notes. These include comments on the Berkshire Movie.

Study referenced by Buffett and Munger at the annual meeting regarding rounding of EPS numbers by public companies which suggests widespread earnings management by public companies

Warren Buffett Interviews:

Transcript of a recent CNBC interview

Warren Buffett: All Our Businesses Seeing a Big Upswing in March - Fox April 30th has lots of articles on Buffet and the annual meeting. Including notes from past annual meetings back to 1982, pictures of Buffet from his early days as well as this year’s annual meeting, and many other articles, videos, interviews etc of Buffet over the years.

FOX: Warren Buffett - I don’t see anything wrong with Goldman.

FOX: Gates, Buffett on Burlington Northern Deal

FOX: Buffett, Munger Gates on derivatives and more

FOX: Gates, Munger and Buffett on Financial Regulation

FOX: Gates, Buffett on Burlington Deal

FOX: Gates, U.S. Has Best System for Entrepreneurs

FOX: Gates, Buffett, on Berkshire succession

CBS: Buffett, On the housing recovery

Buffett: What needs to change

Charlie Munger Interviews:

26 min interview with Munger on CNBC

Munger on Insurance Prices

Berkshire's Munger Interview on Goldman, Regulation

Munger on Goldman Sachs

Munger on Financial Reform

Interviews with Berkshire Hathaway executives and other links of interest:

David Sokol Interview

Markel Annual Meeting Notes -By

Peter Buffett (Warren Buffett's Son) Talks To TYT

Berkshire Hathaway Earnings Release

Buffett Turns Into One More Corporate Bubble: Alice Schroeder

Dave Sokol on BYD

Another interview with David Sokol

Clayton Homes CEO on Getting People to Buy His Products

Interview With the CEO of Shaw Industries

ACME Brick's CEO on housing

Interview with all three of Buffett’s children

Interview with the CEO of Borsheims

Interview with the CEO of Iscar

Interview with David Sokol on Net Jets

Liz Claman on the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting