Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Compilation of Value Links From Around the Web

Here is my compilation of the most interesting topics from around the web.

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Warren Buffett:

Berkshire’s portfolio changes in Q4: Dataroma
Buffett delegating more to his deputies: Salt Lake Tribune
Buffett tells deputies to supervise newest Berkshire businesses: Bloomberg
Buffett’s German to do list: Handelsblatt
The fun has just started in auto sales Buffett says: Bloomberg
Buffett’s son is not heir apparent: CNBC

2014 Berkshire Annual report links:

2014 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report: Berkshire
Article Buffett mentions on Jim Ling: D Magazine
Grading Buffett after 50 years: Fortune
Buffett on CNBC: Value Investing World

Berkshire’s acquisition of Kraft:

3G to acquire Kraft: Bloomberg
How Kraft Rolled out the welcome mat: WSJ
Kraft and 3G: WSJ
“Will own Kraft forever” says Buffett: CNBC
3G buying to keep: CNBC
Kraft Heinz structure: CNBC
The Kraft negotiations: CNBC


How to develop your best investment ideas with Josh Brooks of Granite House Capital: Youtube
Wilbur Ross on the housing market and oil prices: Bloomberg
Highlights from Seth Klarman’s 2014 letter: Bloomberg
More highlights: Valuewalk
Baupost sifted through energy companies: Bloomberg
Mohnish Pabrai at TiE SoCal: Youtube
Mohnish Pabrai and Guy Spier Google Talk: Youtube
Tribute to Donald Keough who lead Coke through the New Coke debacle: New York Times
Tribute to Irving Kahn who lived until 109 and worked under Ben Graham: Bloomberg