Sunday, May 10, 2009

Berkshire Hathaway and Wesco Annual Meeting Links

I attended the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting for the Fourth time in a row this year. Overall this year was definitely the best so far. The new structure of the meeting resulted in much better questions and all the poor questions were weeded out by the three journalists: Andrew Ross Sorkin, Becky Quick and Carol Loomis.

I have a compilation of links about the annual meeting:

Notes From Past Annual Meetings:

Whitney Tilson's Notes From Berkshire and Wesco Meetings (1998-2008)

Notes From the 2009 Annual Meeting:

In My Opinion the Best Notes I've Seen are From Ben Claremon at

Notes From the Blog ValueHuntr

Notes From

Morningstar's Notes


Charlie Munger on CNBC

Charlie Munger on PBS

An Article on Charlie Munger in the WSJ

Warren Buffett on CNBC: U.S. Economy Slow, Getting Slower...But Will Churn Eventually

Warren Buffett on the Squawk Box

Warren Buffett is up on Banks (CNBC)

Warren Buffett on CNBC: Maybe I've Lost my Touch, But I Beat the Market

Warren Buffett on CNBC: I Apply My Own Stress Tests to Wells Fargo

Wesco Meeting:

The Best Notes I've Seen From the Wesco Meeting

Notes From