Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Companies in my watch list are falling, falling, falling

Every day I glance at the daily 52 week low list. This is a good way to find companies that are undervalued. I noticed the companies listed below come up on this list recently. Most are quality companies. I have researched a few in the past but I will take another look because they have fell substantially in price.

Maui Land & Pineapple Co: MLP has prime acreage in Hawaii. It's down 25% in the past few months.

Moody's Corporation: Down over 60% during the past few months. Growing concern on Wall Street over the ratings MCO made on sub prime debt has pushed shares lower.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc: Down around 13 percent this past month. WMT is expanding into India. The company also announced that they will be repurchasing shares.

American Eagle Outfitters: Down over 30% in 6 months. I'm a strong believer in this brand.

USA Mobility, Inc: Down nearly 35% the past month. Held by many value managers.

CryptoLogic Limited: CRYP's stock price has suffered recently because of the ban on internet gambling in the United States. Mohnish Pabrai acquired shares at around $25 and CRYP is trading at $21 currently.

M&T Bank Corporation: Down around 20% in 6 months. Berkshire Hathaway has owned shares for a long time.

Lexmark International, Inc: Down 40% in 6 months. Berkshire Hathaway owns shares.

Sears Holdings Corporation: Eddie Lampert's company is down nearly 30% in 6 months.

Tyco Electronics Ltd: TEL just spun off from Tyco. It's down 15% since it first started trading about a month ago.

AutoNation, Inc: AN is down about 20% in 6 months.

Bank of America Corporation: Down about 10% in 6 months. Berkshire Hathaway recently disclosed it owned shares.

Walter Industries, Inc: Recently spun off Mueller Water Products. Down about 10% since it spun-off MWA.

Mueller Water Products, Inc: Down about 15% in a month. Recent spin-off from WLT as mentioned above.

USG Inc: Down 33% in 6 months. I recently researched this company. At the time it was trading at about $45 and now its at $36. I really like the company and if it falls further I will most likely make an investment.

Nicholas Financial, Inc: Down around 20% in 6 months.