Monday, July 2, 2007


My name is Alex Bossert and I'm in 10th grade of high school. Thank you for visiting my blog. 

I began investing in stocks when I was 11 years old. The funds I have invested came from a few small and profitable business I have started. My most profitable business sells used golf balls. I employed someone that regularly went to the local country club to collect lost golf balls. I would purchase golf balls already cleaned from him and sell them at double the price. I bought thousands of golf balls a year so he was happy to sell them at such a large discount. I was able to make a reasonable amount of money while avoiding most of the hard work involved with finding and cleaning the golf balls. 

At about age 10 I began reading about the stock market. At that time, I had a small amount of money saved up and I put it in the stock market. I invested some of the money in Wal-Mart because I was familiar with the company. The rest of the money was invested in various other companies. 

I would look for companies to invest the money in but I grew frustrated. I had no idea what to look for to determine what companies to invest in. I went to the library to check-out books on investing but most of the books were on technical analysis and made no sense to me.  I found a book title How to Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett by Timothy Vick. The book made sense to me. For the last three years since I read that book, I've been a voracious reader of anything I can get my hands on that pertains to value investing. I've read well over 50 books on investing. The stock market is the greatest game in the world. It is unbelievable how small sums of money can grow into spectacular amounts over time because of compounding. Example: $100,000 compounded at 12% a year for 50 years becomes almost $30 million. 

I'm currently studying many of the most successful investors such as Joel Greenblatt, Monish Pabrai, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Edward Lampert etc. I hope that by following their methods I can do well also. Since I enjoy reading about the stock market and researching companies so much, it is my dream to someday run my own investment fund. In this blog, I will discuss my portfolio and I will post about various things that have to do with the stock market.